"Airframe Admin" (jQuery/HTML)

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"Airframe Admin" - jQuery/HTML Version Details
This Airframe version is a standard HTML template using jQuery and Bootstrap 4. Most of the layouting and components you are able to find in the official Bootstrap Documentation.

Additional Components

This Dashboard has some additional classes and JS components to achieve the final effect.


This component will keep the whole layout in place it should look like this.
<div class="layout layout--theme--light--primary">
<div class="layout__sidebar">
<!-- Optional element: Airframe Sidebar should be placed here -->
<div class="layout__wrap">
<div class="layout__navbar">
<!-- Bootstrap Navbars should be placed here, they can be stacked on on another -->
<div class="container>
<!-- Page Content should be placed here
The layout component also supports theming you can add a specific class related to a particular theme which will add a color scheme to the whole layout (mainly sidebar and targeted navbars). Classes which are providing this feature have this format: layout--theme--<theme style>--<theme color>. Here are the possible values for theme-style and theme-color:
  • light
  • dark
  • color
  • primary
  • success
  • info
  • warning
  • danger
  • indigo
  • purple
  • pink
  • yellow
Sidebar can contain a navigation menu and addtional information. Everything is organized in sections. It can be in a Slim state on larger displays, and collapsible on small screens. Example Sidebar:
<div class="sidebar sidebar--animations--enabled">
<!-- This element will be displayed only on mobile and will collapse the sidebar when closed -->
<div class="sidebar__close">
<a href="javascript:;" class="action--sidebar-trigger">
<i class="fa fa-times-circle fa-fw"></i>
<!-- Sidebar contents are organized in sidebar__section elements -->
<div class="sidebar__section sidebar__hide-slim">
<!-- Some non-scrollable content, visible only on non slim sidebar -->
<!-- This wrap will allow scrolling all of the sections inside on Mobile Screens -->
<div class="sidebar__mobile-fluid">
A fluid section will fill all of the available height in the sidebar,
cover section will fill all of the available space inside. This combination
is mainly designed to place SidebarMenu component inside.
<div class="sidebar__section sidebar__section--fluid sidebar__section--cover">
<!-- Sidebar Menu should be placed here -->
This section will be at the bottom of the sidebar because
of the fluid section defined above
<div class="sidebar__section">
<!-- Sidebar Bottom content -->

Notable classes

  • sidebar--animations--enabled - will make the sidebar animated in most of the interactions
  • sidebar--slim - will allow the sidebar to be slim when collapsed on desktop
  • sidebar--collapse - will hide the sidebar, or make it slim if defined so
  • sidebar__mobile-fluid - all of the contents of that element will be scrollable on mobile sidebar
  • sidebar__section - building block of the sidebar
  • sidebar__section--fluid - section which will fill all available height of the sidebar
  • sidebar__section--cover - removes the section padding
  • sidebar__hide-slim - (helper) hides an element when the sidebar goes into slim mode
  • sidebar__show-slim - (helper) shows an element when the sidebar goes into slim mode
Provides navigation for the sidebar. Allows for multilevel nesting, may be in a slim form with dropdowns. Has to be placed in a fluid, covered section. Example Sidebar Menu:
<ul class="sidebar-menu">
<!-- A single link without any nesting -->
<li class="sidebar-menu__entry">
<!-- Link to the target page -->
<a href="/some-page" class="sidebar-menu__entry__link">
<!-- Icon representing the link -->
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-th sidebar-menu__entry__icon"></i>
<!-- Content of the link -->
<span>Some Page</span>
<!-- Container which will have nested entries inside -->
<li class="sidebar-menu__entry sidebar-menu__entry--nested">
<!-- Trigger which will expand the child entries on clicking -->
<a href="javascript:;" class="sidebar-menu__entry__link">
<!-- Icon representing the trigger -->
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-home sidebar-menu__entry__icon"></i>
<!-- Content of the trigger -->
<!-- Contains the child entries -->
<ul class="sidebar-submenu">
<!-- First Child Entry -->
<li class="sidebar-submenu__entry">
<a class="sidebar-submenu__entry__link" href="/nested-page-1">
<span>First Nested Page</span>
<!-- Second Child Entry -->
<li class="sidebar-submenu__entry">
<a class="sidebar-submenu__entry__link" href="/nested-page-2">
<span>Second Nested Page</span>
  • sidebar-menu - parent of the menu
  • sidebar-menu--slim - should be present when the sidebar is in slim collapsed mode
  • sidebar-menu__entry - contains the 0 level link
  • sidebar-menu__entry--nested - contains the 0 level nested links
  • sidebar-menu__entry--no-caret - removes the caret which is added by nested entries
  • sidebar-menu__link - level 0 link
  • sidebar-menuentryicon - icon representing a particular entry
  • sidebar-submenu - contains the nested entries
  • sidebar-submenu__entry - contains the nth level link
  • sidebar-submenu__entry--nested - contains the nth level nested links
  • sidebar-submenuentrylink - nth level link
Navbars are essentially Bootstraps navbars, but there are some additional classes which extend their behavior.
  • navbar-themed - will receive the theme colors from the layout theme class
  • navbar-shadow - will add a shadow at the bottom of the navbar
  • navbar-multi-collapse - allows to make the navbar collapse, not collapse all of the items, the underling container should also have navbar-collapse-wrap class

Additional Helpers

  • sidebar__brand - will add a theme color to a brand text
  • sidebar__link - should be used on additional links in sidebar, will add proper themed colors
  • sidebar__link--muted - muted modifier for the sidebar link
  • text-theme - will set the text color to the current theme
  • bg-theme - will set the background color to the current theme


You can add predefined script which will handle all of the sidebar behaviour: sidebar menu, sidebar collapsing, animations etc.

Sources and Credits

  • ag-grid-community 21.X.X
  • bootstrap 4.X.X
  • font-awesome 4.7.0
  • holderjs ^2.X.X
  • jquery 3.X.X
  • highcharts 7.X.X
  • peity 3.3.X